Of The Skills Needed To Get Things Done The Ability To Communicate To Others Clearly Dominates

This subject applies to all aspects of your life, but I will concentrate on your career at this point. It's far from a scientific survey, but from my personal experiences from dealing with hundreds of corporations it was clear to me the higher in the organization you went, the easier it was to communicate with the person. Maybe it was because the people were brighter, but I don't think so. When working in the bowels of large corporations, it was easy to identify the persons that would move up the ladder rapidly. Superior communications ability-- as simple as that.

I shared a home with three other young men when I was first single. one of the men was a member of a prestigious management consulting firm and his career was soaring. One of Jack's outstanding skills was his ability to communicate with emphasis on the use of dynamic verbs. I might say "I will always remember that". Jack would say "It is burned in my memory". What a difference!

Communication takes many forms. One-on-one conversations, speaking to large groups, and putting things in writing are all aspects of the same thing. In any of these forms, a good vocabulary (it doesn't have to be extremely large), proper use of the language (bad usage is a real block), clear pronunciation and diction are all important. (In today's world of computers, the ability to turn out an attractive document also helps.) As the communication ability of people in general improve, standards go up, and each year you are required to be better just to competitively stay even. Make better communication skills a real priority in your life.

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