Be Effective In Your Presentations.
Present Your Material In Your Natural Style.

I don't know about you, but someone who reads a speech turns me off. How boring! I would rather get the document and read it myself. almost as bad are those on television that blatantly read from a TelePrompTer. Reading takes all the life and vibrancy out of the presentation. Memorizing is almost as bad, however I support engaging in a lot of practice on a speech. The more familiar you are, the more relaxed you become and the smoother the presentation. I favor the use of a concise (very few words) outline. The outline can be shown on a screen, or can be on notes hidden to the audience. If on a screen besides guiding the speaker, the outline also helps the audience track the thought line.

Once an outline is used KEEP TO YOUR SCRIPT. In my early days of speaking I would wander off into examples that got so involved, I had great difficulty getting back to where I should be in the presentation. I also overran my allotted time. I don't do that anymore; it was too embarrassing.

When keying off an item in your outline, use your natural style to present the material. Don't sound like someone you aren't. Being somewhat conversational also tends to relax you, if you have a tendency to be nervous.

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