Vocabulary Is Power
Know Lots Of Words Well And Use Them Precisely

I can't think of another item that has given me more of a boost in my career than having an above-average (not massive) vocabulary, and having at my finger-tips the meaning of each of the words. As a consequence the tasks of public speaking (emphasis on answering questions) or writing have come very easily for me. I seldom am at a loss for the right word. I am sure that if I had a still larger vocabulary it would have helped me more. It is important, however, not to use a vocabulary over the heads of the audience. The objective is not to show off how much you know, but to get your ideas across. Most people know a lot of words vaguely, but aren't able to use them The person with the superior vocabulary is one-up in the competitive game of business, and life in general.

Quite often the right word will have a richness to it that lends more meaning to the thought than an almost right word. Consider the difference between "Once you change it you can't change it back", and "It was irreversible". Or "She shouted with joy", and "She shrieked with delight".

Using an effective vocabulary makes you seem special.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved