The Process Used for Writing This Book

I have procrastinated too long on the task of putting my thoughts on paper. I have been fearful that if I did a good job of organizing and cataloging my material the book would never be written. As a consequence I wrote each item as it came to mind, and at a later date (with competent assistance) attempted to bring it all together in a more reasonable structure. Also grammar was never one of my strong points and I assume that my competent editor has eliminated any awkward use of the language which might embarrass us both.

The source of my material comes from a lifetime of experiences, both conscious and subconscious, and I can no longer remember whether I made up some of the items, or I am copying someone else. I don't plan to give credits to the materials supplied by others because I don't recall most of the sources, and the insertion of references, I feel, would tend to slow the reader.

To keep my thoughts from getting too wordy, I forced each topic to fit on one page. This should also simplify both the production and the reading of the book.

The material seemed to sort itself into five main categories:

• Your Career and Money
• Your Goals and Conduct
• Your Relationships
• Communication
• Personal Improvement

As a consequence the material is grouped under these sections.

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