The Reason For Writing This Book

There has always been a touch of the teacher in me. It shows up in the way I interact with my children, the way I earned a living (consulting), and the things I find myself doing for recreation such as golf, sailing and skiing. In each instance when I focus on the elements that give me pleasure, I can usually see myself explaining something I think I know to someone else.

When in attempting to communicate with my children I seldom felt I did a clear enough job of laying out in plain view the lessons I have learned that have served me well over the years. I am hopeful that this book will fill that gap so I can exit this life experience with the satisfaction of knowing that I have handed off the baton of life crisply and cleanly. I am also hopeful that in some small way my children (or others who read this), may benefit from the thoughts and possibly avoid a pitfall they might otherwise have fallen into.

Because of these reasons I am dedicating this book to my three children who have always been a very important part of my life:

• Jon whose ability to analyze things and stay focused on the important issues helps keep me on a level keel.

• Jolie whose love of life, unbelievable positive attitude, and desire to experience all good things spills over, and some of that rubs off on me.

• Jaye who is one of the most interesting persons I have known, and always bubbles over with new ideas which makes life more exciting for me.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved