A Good Definition Of Your Life Working Is Doing What You Choose To Do In All Aspects Of Your Life. 
To Make Life Work, Choose What You Already Have.

At one point I employed a very talented salesman. If we were traveling together and were in an airport he couldn't wait to get to the hotel. At the hotel he couldn't wait for tomorrow to come to be with the client. as the trip progressed he couldn't wait to be home. Once home after a few minutes he couldn't wait to go on the next trip. other women looked more attractive to him than his wife. on and on and on. I observed he could have enjoyed life much more if he could have chosen to be where he was at each point in time he seemed to be always searching, and could seldom enjoy what he was doing at any given moment.

We can all think of similar examples. In moments of self-honesty we can also catch ourselves doing the same thing. The solution is simple to say, but difficult to do; choose what you already have. To choose implies that you give yourself the freedom to be where you are now, or to be somewhere else. You can't enjoy being where you are now if you are somewhere else in your head.

Many people are miserable in their jobs -- either choose your job as the best possible one for you or switch jobs. Bottom line it's all in your head. If you are in a job and have no visible alternatives at the moment, then convert your job into an exciting experience. Easier said than done, but do-able nevertheless. When your "listening" (the sub-set of information that comes at you that actually gets through) of things is that everything about the job is lousy, the people are lousy, and the office is lousy; that's what you will hear. you will be amazed at the difference you can make it is possible to change your "listening" to be one of appreciating the good things you see. It's a choice you can make.

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