A Necessary Part Of Life's Satisfaction is Knowing You Have Made A Meaningful Contribution In Your Own Way.
The need to make a contribution may be one of the basic characteristics of adult humans. Mothers feel an intense satisfaction from raising successful children. Men spend many hours in activities like Little League with their kids for the same reason. Scientists are spurred on to make new discoveries. Astronauts go to the moon. Men endure extreme hardships to live at the South Pole to do research. People volunteer for helping the homeless or the hungry for the same reason: The ability to make a contribution.

When I look back on my life some of the high points I remember were the events where it was clear that I made a contribution. Like successfully tutoring a teen age friend who was about to drop out of a high performance school program. He is now a successful dentist and still acknowledges me for that effort. Or showing a friend of my daughters a few tips on skiing that resulted in a breakthrough for her accompanied by her shrieks of joy. What contribution to make is a very personal choice, whatever it is, needs to be something in your own area of expertise. It has to be something you feel very strongly about; strong enough to call you to action. Whatever it is go for it.-- the payoff is very worthwhile.

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