Learn To Listen To Your Body

Your body speaks to you with very clear messages, but many times we ignore the messages and suffer for it. This is so clear for me to see regarding eating but so difficult to carry out. When I am enjoying a glass of lovely champagne, my body is telling me that one glass is enough, but my mind reaches out for another glass. If we are able to listen to our bodies, being overweight and a lot of other physical problems would disappear.

The American Indians had a great philosophy: I eat when I am hungry, and drink when I am thirsty. How simple, but how powerful! Even in the movies (that take great liberties with historical accuracy), I have seldom seen a fat Indian brave. A young man I know adopted this simple approach and lost 50 pounds in six months. He learned to listen to his body.

Heart attack victims often slip into a denial syndrome and say things like, "It's only heartburn", "It will go away in a few minutes", etc. Cancer victims were too busy to have that enlarged mole looked at. We get too insensitive to our bodies' messages and don't go for medical help when we should. .The graveyards are filled with people that didn't listen to their bodies.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved