Life Is Like A Savings Bank
You Must Make Deposits In Order To Make Withdrawals

I have encountered some adults that only contact me when they want something. I instinctively know they have overdrawn their balance. In time I just let them drift away as friends... their loss. I strongly suspect there are others in their lives where this occurs.

As you find yourself receiving many favors and a lot of help from others, It should trigger an uncomfortable feeling that your account is overdrawn. It is time to put something back into the system. this doesn't mean that you need to do something for the persons that help you tit-for-tat. Start doing favors and helping anyone in you life that needs it. When you deposit a dollar in a bank and then later withdraw it, you don't get the very same dollar back that you put in.

The concept broadens to include more than two people at a time. If "A" does nice things for "B" and "B" does nice things for "C", etc., the world starts to work better. if a majority of people take more than they give , the system starts to break down,. Like a bank account with a shrinking (or negative) balance.

If you find yourself receiving much more than you give, it's time for action. Get your account balance up. assisting others makes the system work, and also has its own rewards .... which can be substantial.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved