Many People Spend Their Entire Lives Rowing Against The Current
You Go Faster When You Turn Around And Go In The Other Direction

I had a friend who was a very capable, strong person who had been blessed with a teen-aged son with substantial talents, and my friend was convinced the boy would flourish as a businessman following in his fathers footsteps.. Within weeks of his fathers death the boy transferred to art school, which is where he really wanted to be. Good for him.

Being in medical school because all your family are doctors, and being miserable is a pretty poor reason to be there. Studying Russian every night and hating it because you have an image of the ideal person speaking several languages looks like is a foolish use of your valuable time trying to be something you aren't. Doing it because your parents, or boss, or sweetheart want it that way, is a practice doomed to failure. Better to think out clearly what you do best, and what you enjoy, and put your full energies in that direction.

I am not implying that a person should not have goals and work very hard to achieve them. Quite the opposite. When the goals line up with their interests and abilities, the speed of getting there can be amazing. Row with the current. ... it's a lot easier.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved