Richness In Life Comes From Enjoyment Of Things Familiar.
Expand Your Life By Making A Large Number Of Things Familiar.

Ever go to a concert and experience the pleasure (and possibly relief) when the orchestra plays something familiar? When you are in a group of people you are probably most comfortable when the bulk of them are more or less like you. Some call this feeling our comfort zone. When in it we feel good ... out of it we go to great lengths to crawl back into it. The more times you are in your comfort zone, the more OK you feel.

Expanding your zone can be challenging, because it requires you to put yourself out of your comfort zone for a period of time. Once you have become comfortable with the new process, your zone expands so when you encounter that process in the future you will welcome it as something familiar. Expanding your zone while young has a lot of benefits because it gives you lots of years to feel good about these new things you are now comfortable with. Expand your taste and appreciation of foods, music types and pieces, sports, card games, poetry, hobbies and travel. The effort you spend now brings a broader level of enjoyment for the rest of your life.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved