Stay Out Of Serious Trouble But Don't Be Afraid To Venture Into Forbidden Territory Occasionally.

All my life when the sign said, "Don't walk on the grass", I didn't walk on the grass. Others enjoyed the benefit of taking the shortcut, but I walked the long way around. I followed rules to the letter because I didn't want to suffer the consequences of being caught. I missed a lot at the time. My oldest daughter steps forth a lot and I observe her doing things that are great fun. Thoughts of the consequences seldom seem to hold her back. She has ended up with front row seats at the sold out musical, a reserved parking place where there was no parking, a free trip to Europe, etc. I can't remember any real trouble she has gotten into because of stretching the rules.

I spent time in the South Pacific in World War II and on one occasion the natives on the adjoining island were having a big festival. The island had been placed off limits by our superiors so I didn't go. However, half our group broke the rules and attended. the rule had been established for good reason to keep friction from developing between the natives and the Americans, but attending the festival as well behaved guests did no one any harm.

I am not suggesting that rules be ignored, but stretching the point occasionally when the rules are somewhat arbitrary can bring you benefits. If caught, be prepared to suffer the consequences without complaining. 

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved