The Mouth Is The Escape Valve For Tensions
When Tensions Build Up Start Moving Your Mouth

People that keep all their thoughts and feelings to themselves run the risk of developing severe mental and physical problems. If they would start their mouth moving, a lot of the pressure would dissipate. The inability to vocalize their feelings bottles up and becomes a potential volcano that may reach the bursting point. most of us will seldom experience an extreme result, but may be cursed with health or relationship problems as a result of holding it all in.

The entire counseling profession is basically a well trained listening service. Their job is to draw people out and get them to talk. Once the mouth starts moving, the pressures start to drop. .If you can do this on your own, you can keep your tensions down and also save the counseling fees.

The premise here is that you have someone available who is willing to listen to you. If you talk, you have to have someone to talk to. If that person doesn't exist, make it a priority to develop a relationship with a good listener.

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