The Thing That Compels Us To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning Is The Anticipation Of A Project That Turns Us On Always Have One Going
I have a friend who described his two elderly uncles (late 80's) who were some of the most youthful people he knew. His description of them emphasized the projects they had going. They were building new houses at the time. Prior to that they had launched projects that were remarkable for their age.

On a personal basis I decided to build a major piece of computer software. .I committed to clients to finish it by a certain date, and as a consequence I started on it at 6:00 AM each day until I went to my office, and again at 8:00 PM when I returned until midnight. Saturdays and Sundays were 6 AM to Midnight ... this went on for months. I never imagined I could keep my energy and enthusiasm going for that length of time. What kept me going is that I was fascinated by the challenge and enjoyed what I was doing. There was always another exciting piece that would be finished in a few days. I couldn't wait to get back to it when I was away.

Projects aren't hard to conceptualize. Just think of something you have always wanted to do or have. Once you have the focus, the project is nothing more than the work effort needed to make it happen. It can be associated with earning money, or just to give an outlet to your creative talents, like writing a book or learning to play the piano.

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