A Single Voice Is Lost In The Wilderness Only An Organization Can Have An Impact

At one point in my life, (maybe all my life), I have had strong feelings of how unfair certain things were (such as the Vietnam war) but seldom did anything about it other than talking, (actually complaining), to friends and acquaintances. It probably helped me to relieve tensions by having those conversations, but it was clear to me then, as it is now, that the "system "that was creating the unfairness was not going to change one bit as a result of anything I said. By myself I couldn't make noises loud enough to be heard by anyone in a position to change things. Some individuals have taken the ultimate one-person action to make a impact by dousing themselves in gasoline and setting themselves on fire. Even they don't make much of a lasting impact.

However when an organization of size does something, the "system" hears it and starts to change. The larger the organization, the bigger the impact.(Whether you agree with the Sierra Club or not, you must agree they have had a very large impact protecting the environment in our society). Part of the reason for this is that much of the "system" is controlled by politicians sensitive to the mood of the voters. Another part of the "system" is made up of peace loving people who fear the violence, or economic disruption, caused by organizations intent on changing something. The press also pays attention to what organizations say and do because they make news, and the press then spreads the word.

Don't sing solo .... Join a chorus !

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved