Big Successes Come From A Series Of Little Successes

As a young man I used to stand at dances waiting for a chance to be with a beautiful girl. I chose not to ask the ordinary looking girls to dance, because I was saving myself for that really big experience. (I never danced very much). It would have been much better If I had asked whoever I was standing next to, rather than holding out for a movie star

Also I always wanted to play with the talented guys on the softball team, but when they let me play, I blew it because I wasn't ready to play at that level. It didn't feel good when I dropped the ball in the big game. I haven't liked softball very much since. It would have been better to start at a level I could handle and move up a notch when I got better.

There are stories about other experiences that also prove the point, which is to concentrate on making little successes. Take on something you can handle and have a success. Do another. Have another success. Your self confidence goes up a notch each time. Now you are ready for bigger things. Do them. Have a success. Go on to still bigger things, and still bigger, and so on.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved