Don't Forget The Second Law Of The Jungle That States That 900 Pound Gorillas Get To Sit Wherever They Want

This means you don't challenge the president if he wants to do something his way. If he says everyone is to come in Saturday morning, then you come in Saturday morning ..... period.

I had a friend who was an outstanding Vice President of Finance for a major pharmaceutical distribution company. One of his strengths was implementing systems to get the company's inventory down. After devising one program he chose one of the local divisions to serve as a pilot implementation. He met with the local manager and laid out his plan. Not knowing the Second Law of The Jungle the local manager said, "I'll think about it and decide if I will implement it". My friend (the Vice President) replied, "That isn't your decision: your decision is whether you implement it or your successor implements it!". The 900 pound gorilla had chosen where he wanted to sit.

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