Idea Acceptance Follows Personal Acceptance

In a group trying to solve a very pressing problem, if someone unfamiliar to them presented a new approach that was "Pure Gold"; the idea would probably be rejected. The person, not yet accepted, is not considered qualified to advise the group. This phenomena is clearly seen when very junior people offer ideas to those more senior. The thoughts are mostly ignored. As time passes and a person is accepted as qualified (because of their performance), their ideas can then be accepted. 

This process is significant when changing jobs. When you are established in a firm, people will trust your judgment because you have earned that trust over a period of time. When you change to a new job, you have to start the acceptance building all over again.

This process is very clear to see in a court case. The attorney carefully builds the qualifications of a witness before any questions are asked in their area of knowledge. Once the person is set up as qualified, the questions flow and the court is more inclined to accept the testimony as accurate.

Be patient. Work on your personal acceptance first (qualify yourself as an expert), and when that is accomplished load them up with all your good ideas.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved