In A Confrontation If One Person Has A "Gut Feeling", And The Other Has Pages Of Documentation Guess Who Wins?

We all have a natural resistance to document because it slows us up and the process is boring, and as a result we don't do very much of it. A sure way to become a believer is to lose some important confrontation when the other guy's position was weaker, but was well documented.

I have had to sue two firms in my business life for not paying invoices. I was a GOOD GUY all the way. I did everything I was supposed to do, told the truth, and did my side of the bargain in a timely fashion. The WHITE HAT in every sense. I won the lawsuits (technically) but the settlements were much smaller than they should have been because my good guy image didn't come through to the judge due to a lack of documentation.

Even today when I am being a "good guy" and don't document I know I am running a potential risk. I may lose if a confrontation occurs.

Documentation can be made a habit.....get into it!.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved