Money Is Not Happiness But It Is Surely A Great Lubricant To The Process

When I hear people saying money isn't important, the person making the statement usually has little money, and is not competitive in the process of making money. They either have become comfortable with a set of values that de-emphasizes money, or they use this rationale to quell their discomfort about not having money.

The mere presence of money brings no guarantees that happiness will be there too. However as a lubricant to the happiness process, it really helps. Look at these examples:

• If you are considered unattractive, you can turn to plastic surgery, beautiful clothes, skin treatments, body building, etc. To make a real difference in how you feel about yourself.

• If you are falsely accused of something, and run the risk of going to jail, the ability to hire the best of legal talent makes a massive difference. Many innocent people are spending time behind bars (which is a very unhappy experience) while those who could afford good legal assistance are a lot happier because they never go to jail. (Patty Hearst participated in bank robberies and never received much in the way of punishment).

• If your best friend is getting married in a distant city, you go to the wedding and participate in the happy event. Without money you send a card.

Figure out what makes you happy and keep moving in that direction. If a lot of money isn't needed, don't spend too many anxious moments worrying about getting money. The money alone will not make you happy.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved