Money Is Spent In Increments Of Dollars But It Is Saved A Penny At A Time

Whenever I have tried to save money-- personally, or in my business-- I was always amazed at how difficult it is to identify expenditure items big enough that their elimination would make a difference. I almost always get down to turning the lights off if I am not using them, telephoning less, (or at low rate hours), driving my car less, putting off repairs, etc. These are all grubby practices that take a lot of self control and discipline. A disagreeable process. Even more so if you are required to convince others to do these things. Saving a penny at a time, however, does work and you will see the expenditures drop, but my God it takes a long time before you can see measurable results.

Spending on the other hand is very easy to do. All it takes is to relax your determination not to spend for a brief instant and bushels of money seem to flow out. Observe what happens on a trip to Las Vegas, a ski resort, or in hosting a large group of people. There isn't anything you spend a $1 at a goes out in increments of $10, $20, or $100. Savings on the other hand takes place in increments of 1c, 10c or $1.

It is strange to me that it works this way. Sorry, but that just is the way it is.

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