Never Complain To Anyone That Can't Do Anything About It

Complaining is one of the most destructive things that occurs in an office environment. When the complaint is directed to a non-interested party it can't possible result in any beneficial action. Morale can plummet. It also has a multiplying effect. If "A" voices a complaint about the boss to "B", "B" in turn may repeat the process with "C". On and on.

There is something almost magical to me in the focus of directing my complaint to someone who can do something about it. It becomes a positive action to solve a problem, or to make things better. Upon receiving a complaint you can do nothing about, try directing the person to someone who can take action. The real issues come into focus immediately. If the person declines the suggestion, it probably means the person is not interested in solving the problem, and only want's to complain.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved