People Make First Judgments On Image Have A Good One!

As a single man I didn't pay too much attention to the selection of clothes. Sometimes the pants and shirt didn't match too well. Wearing one of my mismatched creations can, in retrospect, read the message on women's faces when I entered a room ... forget him! The poor girls never got to know me because they were not able to get over the first hurdle caused by my bad initial image.

Another example comes to mind. In a number of older Hollywood comedies the stereotype of a very, very beautiful blond girl is shown on the screen at the beginning of the picture (good image). That illusion lasts until she opens her mouth when the sound that came out resembled an animal in pain. The illusion of beauty evaporated (bad image).

I suggest you accurately project the image of the "real you" initially. A person's muscle tone, their dress, their speech, their friendliness, and many other items create images that last for a long, long time.>

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