The First Law Of The Jungle Is When Swinging From Limb To Limb,
Don't Let Go Of The One You Have Until You Have A Firm Grasp On The Next One

If this isn't obvious it applies mainly to the job you hold, or the business you are in. Even though it may seem a little sneaky on the surface, I support searching for a new job while you still have the old one. When you observe new opportunities while sitting in a secure position (monthly income that is), the outside world seems full of ripe plums ready to pluck from the tree. As if by a miracle when you leave your current job first and go to pick the fruit you find that overnight the plums have dried up on the vine. This may result in a state of panic on how to support yourself, and you may end up taking a position worse than one you came from.

Also you appear more attractive to the next employer when you are already employed. It shouldn't make any difference, but it does. All managers are afraid of making a mistake, and they reason that if you are currently employed you must be a safer risk than someone who doesn't have a job.

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