Things That Get Done Immediately Always Get Done.
Things Left To Be Done Later Sometimes Get Done, and Sometimes They Don't.

A contractor friend always was able to complete his construction jobs faster (one half the time) than his competitors. Very unusual. They all employed similar workers. They all used the same type of equipment. I was fascinated by this observation so I studied his operation and found the big difference was that he seldom kept lists of things to do. He did everything immediately. As an example if he had just come ten miles from his office to a job site, and discovered that added materials were needed, he immediately drove back to his office, picked up the needed materials and returned to the jobsite. His jobs were seldom interrupted or delayed waiting for things. Not a complicated secret, but it worked wonders.

I have observed that when I keep lists of things to do today it isn't very long before I need new lists, then reorganized lists and so on. Things done immediately don't have to be put on lists. They just get done.

In watching others I find it easy to see this difference by observing those I call high-performance, and those I don't think are very effective. The effective person does things right now!. The less effective person apologizes a lot for things that didn't get done.

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