When You Start A New Venture Give It Time To Succeed,
Don't Keep Pulling Up The Plants To See If The Roots Are Growing

It seems I came out of the womb with an intense need to see the results of my efforts a short period of time after the work was performed. I can't count the times I spoiled things by checking on them prematurely. In building computer software, for instance, it takes the form of wanting to use the product long before it's ready. In running an office it takes the form of hovering over the bookkeeper to check on the status of the financial statements. It impeded her progress and drove her crazy.

Good progress reporting on projects is recommended, but the practice of checking on things prematurely depresses the morale of capable people who get the feeling you don't trust them. Often it can slow things down so the final result is late because of the meddling.

It takes self control, but avoid the practice of premature inspection like the plague.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved