Goals Are Powerful. Set Clear Ones And Then Stand Back And Let The Process Work

Guided missiles are programmed with a specific target in mind. If something happens to throw the missile off course, the "system" immediately responds with a course correction to point once again to the target. Human beings are like that too. Our targets are our goals. They must be very specific (and attractive to us) to permit them to work. "I want to be rich" is not good enough. "I will have $1,000 in my savings account by Christmas" will be much more compelling. The key is to have your goals vividly attractive to you, declare "how much", and "by when".

It has been observed that a remarkable high percentage of elderly people die after their birthday, or Christmas, or some other special occasion. They consciously, or subconsciously, set a goal to stay alive for the event and it works! I once asked a doctor friend what he did when his patient told him, "I know I am going to die on the operating table". His answer was that he immediately canceled the operation. Too often the goal is achieved, even if it is a negative one.

Be aware that too many goals can confuse your seeking process. If you have many goals, prioritize them and work on the ones at the top of the list. Also write them down and periodically (monthly, not daily) check to see how you are doing. When you reach a goal, set it aside and advance the next item on your list. Don't expect immediate achievement of a goal you set. Stand back and let the process work.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved