The Person That Gets Things Done Always Keeps A Clear Focus On The End Objectives

My friend Madeline was a pleasure to have in a meeting. As with many meetings the subject being covered often drifted into unrelated areas. She had the uncanny ability to sense this and to ask the penetrating questions that got us back on target again.

Too many temptations and distractions come our way. If you are dedicated to get a particular job done, don't let short term items pull you off course. The person who maintains clear focus has a tremendous advantage over others who lack that skill. I also remember a long ago movie my father took me to called "Path of Glory" or something like that. It was about American soldiers in the Philippines in the 1890's who encountered a native group called Moros. One of their members of that sect had been given the clear objective to assassinate the American colonel. His focus on the objective was so intense, that as he charged across the parade ground brandishing his machete, the American soldiers shot him several hundred times, but he still made it through to perform the assassination. My conclusion was that a man with a clear focus is unstoppable.

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