You Will Never Be Judged A Good Manager By The Quantity Of Decisions You Make Only The Quality

One sign of an inexperienced manager is their need to make rapid decisions on everything coming before them. The more senior person purposefully lets less important items fade into the background and concentrates his time on the important issues at hand. When long term performance is evaluated, the career of the person making fewer, better decisions moves more rapidly. Part of this might be the corporate fear of making a mistake tends to reward the more conservative approach, but on the other hand rapid decisions can create errors requiring a lot of time and resources to correct.

An amusing story illustrates this. It concerns two bulls, a young one and an old one, rounding a hill and below them on the other side of the fence were a herd of heifers. The young bull began to paw and snort and said to the older one, "Come on Dad, lets run down the hill, jump the fence and have us a cow". The old bull replied, "No Son, we're going to walk down the hill, crawl under the fence and have the whole herd!".

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