When Your Body Malfunctions You Go To A Doctor. 
When Your Car Malfunctions You Go To A Mechanic. 
But When Your Relationships Aren't Working You Bull It Through On Your Own. 
Strange Isn't It?

I wonder how it got started that requesting help on your feelings and relationships is a sign of weakness? Maybe this is only felt be males who need to keep their macho image alive and well. In any event it seems to be very difficult to admit that something personal is not working, and that you had better get help to fix it.

If we get chest pains we call our doctor or 911. If our auto makes weird noises we contact a mechanic. If our spouse becomes distant, or our children are rebellious, or our business relationships are ragged, we just bull it out on our own.

Worse still we may complain to someone that can't do anything about it hoping to find someone who will agree with us. If we do find agreement, we can shrink into the safe-feeling having of being right, making solving the problem extremely difficult. There are a lot of good resource to assist you. Counseling, support groups, wise friends, and self-help seminars are a few. The process may not be either time consuming or expensive. The payoff in personal satisfaction could be massive.

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