Don't Overreact When Unpopular Issues Are Brought Up.
Most Of Them Go Away By Themselves.

Let's look at some examples. Your 16 year old announces that he will not be going to college, but wants to be a Rock star. The boss announces that the work week has been extended to 5 1/2 days. The President announces that a big tax increase is planned. Don't sweat it. Most of them will seldom happen. The reason is that they are often based on very dream-like thinking and they will fall of their own weight.

One of the TV legal soaps presented an interesting case. The law office employed a mentally retarded man who came to the managing partner and told him he planned to marry his daughter. The father remained cool and started to ask a series of pertinent questions beginning with. "Have you asked her yet?". The answer was "No". Other questions involved what would happen when she went away for four years to college, and the like. Slowly, but factually the case for suggesting marriage melted away. What impressed me was the relaxed approach the father took in an environment that could have been damaging if he had overreacted. 

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