Never Put Yourself In The Position Where Someone Can Do You Harm By Telling The Truth

For example if someone has stolen something in the past, his current life could by seriously harmed if someone tells about it. If the stealing event never took place, however, there is no risk to you in someone telling the truth about the matter. Another example; If you have never written bad checks, you can be very open when you fill in credit related documents. If you have issued bad checks and omit this type of information from your application, someone can do you harm if they tell the truth.

I remember hearing of a golf trick artist who played with famous people like Bing Crosby. He could do unbelievable things with a golf ball like chipping it into a water glass sitting on top of a bureau. When the press attempted to publicize his feats he stopped it immediately. When the total story came out it seems he had been involved in a train robbery years ago and was forced to remain inconspicuous lest someone recognize him and tell the truth. 

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