The Ghost Of Incomplete Relationships Will Haunt You
Go Back And Complete Them

A few years ago I got in touch with how much of my life has been dominated by an incomplete relationship with my father. When I was about 16 he told me I would never make it in life, and for many years I have been trying to over-excel just to prove the old man wrong! How ridiculous in retrospect. Through vivid imaging I have been able to go back and complete the relationship and forgive him for what he laid on me. He was doing the best he knew how with a limited education and being thrust into parenthood in his 50's. I still am very goals and success oriented, but now it is because I choose to be that way and because it makes me feel good; not to prove him wrong.

Completing relationships with persons no longer living is a special case. The process of completing the relationship is still more effective if applied to persons still living. Going to them and completing your relationship should be considered a priority item. By completing I mean acknowledging them for all the good things they did for you, being open about resentments you have withheld all these months or years, and permitting them to share theirs joys and disappointments with you.

Better than waiting until a person is about to die before making your move, how much better to complete the relationships on a current basis so a crises event is required when they are about to depart us.

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