True Liberation Comes From Taking Responsibility

The ability to accept complete responsibility for your actions is the most liberating event in your control, and is not understood to be that by many people. The key issue here is who's in charge of your life; you or them. If you don't accept responsibility for something, you are required to wait for the rest of your world to shape up before your life can work right. If you accept responsibility, however, a wide array of possibilities open up, literally anything you can imagine. You then have the freedom to make choices.

An example of taking responsibility. Let's say I borrow $20 from you and don't repay it. I am then responsible for at least three results. first is the $20, second I am responsible for how you feel about me, and third I am responsible for how you feel about loaning money. I caused those results by my actions.

If you don't accept responsibility, you become the victim and as such are quite helpless. Once responsibility is accepted you are in charge. That's real freedom.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved