Until You Are Able To Openly Admit Your Mistakes You Are Doomed To Keep Repeating Them

When you don't admit a mistake you must assume one of three things: First that no one noticed and the issue will just go away. Not very likely. Second that it was someone else's fault. In this case you must wait for that person to confess, and if it really was your mistake I doubt if the confession will ever happen. The third is that you know it was your mistake but you don't want the embarrassment of admitting it. In each of these explanations you are left in a box. If the same circumstances come up, the chances are that you will do the same thing again.

I have a friend who drinks much, much too much. He has never admitted he has a drinking problem although all those who are close to him are very aware of it. Until he admits it there is no hope for rehabilitation.

All my life I have conducted myself very openly and freely admitted my mistakes. I cannot remember any time I have been caused real harm as a result of it. Openness and honesty breeds trust.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved