Whenever You Hear Yourself Say "It's Either Him Or Me" Remember -- It Will Be You.

When hunting in the jungle either kill the tiger or leave him alone; don't wound him and try to move on. From time to time in the pursuit of a living, or other types of endeavors, running across individuals not in agreement with your approach is to be expected. To make matters worse some of these individuals may be unethical or grasping, and your sensitivities may cry out "bad guys". You are probably right, but that doesn't change the outcome one bit. Most organizations are not primarily interested in producing results, only in preserving the status quo. As a consequence when a confrontation surfaces, those in charge have a greater interest in keeping peace than in dispensing justice. Eliminating the person responsible for the disturbance (who may be the "good guy") is often done, rather than looking for the truth.

There is some justification in this because creating confrontations is not a very good way to get something done in an organization. Even if you win the battle, recriminations will last for a long time. Better to seek out your antagonist and get things settled on a person to person basis. Don't wound the tiger.

©  2002 John D. Toellner, All Rights Reserved